‘Zmey Gorynovich’ Shawl

From a taxonomy point of view, this Zmey Gorynovych flying over a village may be classified as belonging to the Dragon family, which would make this shawl a perfect gift in 2012, the Year of the Dragon. In spite of the fact that a young captive is thrashing about in its strong claws, this serpent does not throw a scare into anyone, it appears to be more of a funny magical creature. Even the creepy grin and the plumes of smoke and flame spurting out of Gorynovych’s mouth invoke a smile rather than fear. A decorative white border composed of alternating red circles and green squares with yellow quatrefoils against a black background brings out a memory of a traditional rustic shawl that is comfortably cozy and fabulously homely.

A perfect complement to the shawl will be the exclusive cufflinks ‘Gorynych’ made from blackened 925 silver.