‘St. Nicholas’ Cufflink Collection

‘St. Nicholas’ collection pays tribute to Saint Nicholas, one of the most revered saints not only in Russia but also among all orthodox believers across the world. Inscribed in the centre of a matte rhodium-coated cufflink is a quote from a liturgical devotion to Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker written in the Old Russian language: “O Holy Hierarch and Father Nicholas, pray unto God for us”. Artfully placed inside a round cufflink, the letters are cast in silver and coated with a glossy yellow rhodium. A finishing touch is added by two encircling olive branches, the symbols of victory and triumph. The translation of this devotion into the modern Russian language is engraved on the cufflink edge. The reverse side shows a spectacular geometrical ornament composed of crosses from the omophorion, a traditional vestment of Saint Nicholas in Christian iconography. A special technique of deep engraving on silver was used to apply the inscription on the edge and the ornament on the back of a cufflink.