‘Proud Sons of the Caucasus’ Cufflink collection

The poetic title of the ‘Proud Sons of the Caucasus’ cufflink collection was inspired by Alexander Pushkin’s poem “The Prisoner of the Caucasus”. The matte base of these cufflinks made from yellow rhodium-plated silver is decorated with polished casts of Islamic symbols - a five-pointed star to signify the five pillars of Islam (or the five daily prayers) and a crescent moon to indicate Muslims’ adherence to the lunar calendar. A matching ornament, depicting crossed sabres and an octagon, is placed on the reverse side of a cufflink. An identical octagon, composed of two squares joined at a 45 angle, used to adorn a personal stamp of Imam Shamil, a leader of Caucasian mountain tribes. The cufflink edge is embellished with one of his most famous dicta: “Holding yourself high, be modest, but staying strong, be merciful”. The inscriptions on the edge and the back of a cufflink are carved using a special technique of deep engraving on silver.