‘Inspired by Malevich’ Shawl

This shawl takes its cue from the canvases by a famous Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, one of the founders of geometric abstraction. The stylised figures, symbolically presented in pure geometric shapes, are placed against an expressly delicate blue background. The composition of this shawl is evocative of the works from the “Peasants’ Period” of the 1930s and includes certain elements of suprematism; it is filled with deep and diverse impressions, with love to a simple human existence. The rhythmic repetitions, the soft harmony of hues, shades and lines, as well as the colour dynamics rendered through the variously coloured rectangles, and the specific arrangement of figures – all of these recall many of the most remarkable works of this renowned artist. The clearly delineated polychromic border of the shawl looks like a sturdy and colourful frame put up to showcase a favourite painting.