‘Ice-Hockey Player’ Cufflinks

The key image of this model takes its cue from a bas-relief hockey player with a hockey stick, who is about to attack or shoot the puck into the opponent’s net. The light blue enamel, reminiscent of glittering ice, is evocative of a hockey rink. On this rink, a hockey player is depicted dashing forward cleaving the air.

Ye. A. Yanson-Menizer has conveyed with exceptional accuracy the sportsman’s swiftness, his overwhelming will to win and a firm determination to succeed. The miniature bas-relief that adorns the cufflink is a perfect embodiment of the spirit of the hockey game, which is exactly what the sculptor aspired to achieve.

It was a famous Soviet hockey player Anatoly Yegorov who posed for this bas-relief, which was manufactured in faience after the Great Patriotic War in 1953.