Expanded Assortment

In September, Gourji expanded its assortment in small leather accessories and launched two new series: ‘Motorace’ and ‘Over the Saviour Tower’. The wide range of stylish accessories includes wallets, driving licence holders and cases for iPhone 4G/4GS and iPad2.

Both series boast a classic design complemented by exclusive ornaments applied using various techniques - from printing to embossing.

The design of the ‘Motorace’ series is based on a dynamic and stylish picture “Motorcycle Race” painted in the mid 1920s by a famous Soviet artist Konstantin Vyalov.

‘Over the Saviour Tower’ is a natural continuation to ‘Deineka. The Flight’, an earlier collection of cufflinks and writing instruments. The new leather accessory collection took inspiration from the original mosaic paneling by A.Deineka embellishing the vestibule ceiling of Mayakovskaya metro station.